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ניתן לעקוב אחרי דרור שתיוי בגוגל + ולראות פרסומים נוספים

If you have existing lists of Safe and sound or blocked names and addresses, you are able to import them into Outlook.

Une déclaration émanant de vous dans laquelle vous affirmez sous peine de parjure que vous croyez de bonne foi que les éléments ont été retirés ou désactivés par suite d'une erreur ou d'une méprise dans l’identification des éléments à retirer ou à désactiver ; et

5. Birden fazla Discussion board hesabına VPN veya geçiçi bir e-posta adresi kullanarak kayıt olmak şüpheli aktivite gerekçesiyle hesap, IP ve e-posta banı almanıza neden olur.

one. Pornografi, telif hakkı ihlali veya zararlı içerik barından bağlantılar gibi yasa dışı içerikler forumda hoş karşılanmamaktadır.

Messages from people or area names that show up In this particular checklist are constantly categorised as junk, whatever the content with the message.

2. CIT personnel are discovered from the tag [CIT] before their in-game title and you must comply with all realistic requests produced by a employees member. Do not hassle staff Except if needed which incorporates using the report command to bother employees, relatively push J and use the help chat to request help.

זהו את העבודה המוגנת בזכויות יוצרים או קניין רוחני אחר אשר לטענתכם הופר;

eight. Names has to be ideal and an actual title. One example is using a complete cease as a reputation are going to be not be tolerated. Names must only contain English alphabetical, numerical or regular keyboard figures.

יש לזה הרבה אחראים. גם אני. כי גם השיריון העבה ביותר נסדק לפעמים. אבל המאבק סומן כלאומני, פשיסטי וגזעני הרבה לפני שמישהו שמע את השם שלי.

If you get an NDR indicating that an email deal with is now not in use, read more eliminate the non-existent electronic mail alias from your checklist. Electronic mail addresses improve after some time, and folks from time to time discard them.

יתירה מכך, אתה תישא באחריות הבלעדית להגשות המשתמש שלך ולהשלכות של העלאה או פרסום שלהן.

13. Poti sa discuti despre lucruri din lumea reala cum ar fi religia si politica dar ramai relaxed si respectuos cand o faci.

Any these types of User Submissions are considered non-confidential and Hen shall be below no obligation to maintain the confidentiality of any info, in whichever sort, contained in any Person Submission.

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